Why MJM?

MJM Financial Advisors provides clients with highly strategic financial advice making a meaningful difference in clients' lives.

The firm's investment recommendations are not based on heroic assumptions or black box strategies but on solid financial discipline.

MJM Financial Advisors is a fee-only firm that strives to provide high quality, independent, conflict-free advice. The firm is not compensated by commissions nor does it pay or receive any type of referral fees.

The firm's goal is to build long-term meaningful relationships with clients and to provide holistic and comprehensive financial advice.

Working with MJM Financial Advisors will provide a framework to:

  • Identify goals
  • Assess goal achievability
  • Implement recommendations or a course of action to achieve goals

In today's fast paced and complex world where more and more financial responsibility is being delegated to the individual, a trusted financial advisor is needed who can provide unbiased and integrated financial advice.

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MJM Financial Advisors, LLC
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560 Mountain Avenue - 2nd Floor
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Call Us : 908-647-7444
Email : mmaye@mjmfinadv.com